Selling your property online as opposed to using Estate Agents

An assumption maybe made by the property seller to sell their property online, to avoid paying huge fees, that estate agents charge. You could have arrived on this site merely by chance. Entering in terminology such as ‘sale of private property’ or ‘selling a house online?

Are there any benefits to selling online? Does the seller avoid huge amounts of money for estate agents fees. Using this traditional way of selling. Or is this really a myth and false.

High street agent fees range from 1.5.percent to 2.00 percent . Whereas online fees could be as little as £250.00 or up to £1,00.00. To use online selling, you must be aware of all the pitfalls. You must do your research carefully. The main elements are to actually achieve a sale of the property, at the right price, and within an in-exaggerated time-scale, without hassle or problems.

Getting results for selling your property using an online Estate agent

People need to view your house, in order for you to sell the property. An online agent may have been your first choice, but that may come with ‘add ons’ or ‘menu items’ hidden additions. All these are costly and add to your package. It could be with these hidden extras, to consider selling your property online via an alternative process using an estate agent. One issue, perhaps the most important , is to make sure that your property has been advertised fully on all major online sites. ‘Rightmove‘ and ‘Zoopla‘ are excellent sites to use for this purpose. Full exposure must be given, otherwise a sale will not be generated. If you are in Scotland and need to sell your house quickly, you might want to give this site a look – chances of selling quickly in Scotland are greatly increased with the use of a genuine cash property buyer.

Highlighting the Estate Agent’s job

There are pros and cons for every type of selling method used . Selling online, means that potential house viewings must be sorted and the seller must be in attendance. more hassle for th seller, organising times for viewing, and negotiating with perspective buyers. The plus side for using an estate agent, means that they take control and manage these processes. So it might be back to the drawing board to consider options on ways of selling the property.

Let’s consider some advice from an estate agent.

Speaking from his office in Gateshead, Chris Fitzakerley ofGateshead Property Online comments ‘ People think that the job of an estate agent is quite easy. Attending viewings only, and by the wave of a magic wand the property is sold’ We can go home without further ado. This is not the case’ Chris states ‘The process is extremely time consuming and takes months of negotiations’ going back and forth between solicitors, valuers, the buyer and the seller.Nothing is simple and more is resolved, if the vendor deals directly.

‘Time is money, as they say’ and in the present climate of selling Chris says ‘We now have a service whereby vendors have to do viewings themselves, but when a buyer is found, negotiations are followed up by ourselves’ This service cost £999.00 plus vat for any property. Properties are listed on all major portals, so this amount is quite a bargain.

To sell your home online- don’t forget basic housekeeping

This means making sure your prospective property looks good. Highlight special features, and above all make sure the property is tidy and is at its best for viewings.

Is it worth selling a house on line? To Recap:

This depends on you, have you got the confidence to negotiate, market, photograph your property the necessary list of to do’s goes on. It is a very stressful process to follow, particularly when you are the one involved totally in all the procedures in the house sale.

Using an Estate Agent, if you feel that you don’t have the required skills to market your home, or the time, maybe beneficial. It could be that a professional team could be more effective in selling your property.They will do the job thoroughly, having had years of experience in the art of selling. A higher price maybe achieved.

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